I’m blogging over at Winged Pen today, ruminating about creative cross-pollination!

One of my goals this year is to be actively open to stories, ideas, images, music, movement, and more from sources other than what I’m writing (YA historical fantasy set in Paris, 1789). To keep me honest, I’ll tweet a bit of inspiration under the hashtags #creativity, #iamwriting, and #cross-pollination; I hope you’ll join me. And to get this blog going, I’ll post here regularly about some cross-pollination as well.

Today’s inspiration is the New York Times’ story of a man who decided to go into the business of espaliered fruit trees. What inspires me about this? That, in his fifties, Mr Thevenot would venture into a career that involves slowly forming trees into shapes that will take years to reach their ultimate expression. I’m awed by the dedication, his acceptance of slowness, his contribution to a beautiful future.